Experitheater Zürich

PLANTATION #1 – nativeness

Our recent experiences of non-white artistic practices and their focus on a reality of non-fiction, have led us to engage with the history of the plantation. The physical-experimental work of non-white performers, who have to trace the past and re-inhabit the political territory of the plantation, allows us to find a connection between narratives in the archive of history and current realities of lifes in Switzerland.

Since ten years, Zurich is the home base of experi_theater. Here we live and initiate spaces for non-white artistic practices. We go out on the streets and confront the spaces of the white theatre and cultural institutions. We populate this city with our lives and artistic care work that advocates change. We were not born here. But we inhabit this city with de-colonial nativeness.

PLANTATION is a a long term investigatory experimental performance work.

Aufführungen & Tour

Neuchâtel, Théâtre du Concert
17. + 18. Juni 2023

St. Gallen, Lokremise
07. + 08. Juli 2023

Zürich, Zentralwäscherei
12., 13., 14., 15. September 2023
20:00 Uhr

Basel, Werkraum Warteck pp
16. Sept 2023, 20:30 Uhr
17. Sept 2023, 15:00 Uhr
In Kollaboration mit Wildwuchs

Zürich, Helmhaus
20. + 21. September 2023
20:00 Uhr
*there will be an exhibition about the history of the non-white resistance movement and the voices of contemporary witnesses of the resistance movement in Zurich. The exhibition will be open from 18h to 20.00h and 21:30 to 22:30 the performance will take place at 20h.

Zürich, Cabaret Voltaire
23. + 24. Oktober 2023
20:00 Uhr

Reitschule Bern, Grosse Halle
26., 27., 28. Oktober 2023
20:00 Uhr

Accademia dell’Arte, Arezzo
2. + 3. November 2023

WERKRAUM, boat people projekt, Göttingen
11. + 12. November 2023

Le 360 Paris Music Factory, Paris
02. + 03. Dezember 2023

Supported by

Stadt Zürich Kultur, Kanton Zürich Fachstelle Kultur, Adolf Streuli-Stiftung, Ville de Neuchâtel, l'État de Neuchâtel, Kanton St. Gallen, Stadt St. Gallen